Why People Have Colon Cleanse And What Are The Options Available

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colon cleanseThere is evidence nearly a thousand years ago that the ancient Greeks were performing colon cleanses on their wealthy citizens. In modern civilization, colon cleansing has only just recently become popular, starting in the 1920s and up until today, now you can visit a clinic or spa and have it professionally done.

The methods and products used in the procedure have changed considerably in just the last decade. Many people have cleansings on a regular basis without having an actual disease that they’re trying to treat, while others have a specific reason and goal in mind.

There Are Several Different Kinds Of Colon Cleanses

Some colon cleanses are merely products that you can purchase and consume orally which will help your colon clear itself of extra toxins and bacteria in order to give it a fresh start. Other colon cleanses actually involve irrigating the colon through the rectum using various different kinds of products, depending on the disease that you’re trying to eradicate.

Obviously taking some kind of liquid or supplement orally is something that anyone can do on their own, however, having your colon irrigated physically through the anus is going to require professional help.

Colon Cleansing By Irrigation Has Been Around 100 Years

colon cleanseThere are actual practitioners called colonic hygienists or colon hydro therapists that do nothing else but colon cleanses by irrigation.

In this particular case a practitioner will use a low-pressure colon irrigation pump to insert several gallons of water into a small tube that is been inserted into the rectum.

Once the water is in the colon a gentle massage of the abdomen will help agitate the colon in order to help it release its contents and mix with the water that has been inserted.

Then, the water is released into the toilet as a regular bowel movement, flushing out the fluids that were inserted and the waste that has been mixed with them as well. This procedure may be repeated several times in an hour in order to completely cleanse the colon and eliminate all of the contents.

Some Colonic Specialists Use Plain Water While Others Add Ingredients And Nutrients

Different practitioners have different methods of cleaning the colon, some use plain water, salty water, herbs, coffee, enzymes and other supplements as well, each one has a range of benefits of its own. In any event, after you’ve had a good cleansing it’s a good idea to consume plenty of probiotics or probiotic supplements in order to replenish the bacteria in the colon with exactly the type that you desire for optimum health.

The Main Theory Behind Cleansing

colon cleanseThe basic theory, and the reason why most people have cleanses, is to clear out any toxins that people believe have inhabited their colons.

By completely cleaning the large intestine you’re assured that there are no more toxins that could be reabsorbed into the body and cause problems.

Some of those problems are believed to be fatigue, weight gain, low energy levels, and even a compromised immune system. There can be some validity to the theories because as we all know, a rectal suppository is used in medicine to quickly administer drugs, so anything in the large intestine is able to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

However, many of the bacteria that reside in a healthy large intestine are specifically there to detoxify the contents as they pass through. The question remains as to whether the natural processes of the body are always up to the task or could use some help at times.

What Are Some Of The Best Colon Cleanses You Can Buy?

Many times it is just as easy to buy a good cleansing supplement at your local health food store instead of going to a clinic and paying a professional several hundred dollars to do the job. There are many supplements which will take action in just a few hours and completely clean out all the contents of the large intestines.

colon cleanse productWhen searching at the store to buy cleansing supplements it’s best to stick with an all-natural herbal formulation, and there should be plenty to choose from.

While the jury is still out on whether healthy people need to have a regular cleansing, there certainly are quite a number of people that believe there are toxins that need to be eliminated quite often.

If you have some doubts it may be best to check with your doctor to see if he has some recommendations or warnings, and to make sure any symptoms you might have might require further investigation in a checkup.