What Effects Does Prune Juice Have On Your Colon?

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Colon cleansing is ever more popular today, and there are plenty of products available on the market at both regular department stores and especially if you visit health food stores.

colon cleansing benefits

Some of these products use all-natural ingredients, and some of them use other concoctions to get the job done.

When you’re thinking about what to use for your colon cleanse, it’s important that you choose the right method or product.

That is why this article is going to focus on one ingredient or whole food item that can make your colon cleanse simple and yet very effective.

The Effects Of Prune Juice On Your Colon

When you think of prunes, what comes to mind? You might picture it being an old person’s delicacy. Have you ever tried one of them before?

Even if you’re not a prune eater, the prune juice itself is still highly effective when it comes to a colon cleanse. Not only is this a great colon cleanser, but it’s also a nice daily regimen for prevention of colon buildup as well as constipation.

What ingredient is found in prunes that works so well for colon cleansing? Prunes have an ingredient called sorbitol, which works effectively to aid in current digestion as well as flush out toxins and buildup in your colon.

If you’re able to eat the prunes themselves instead of drinking prune juice, much more sorbitol will be entering your system, which is of course better for the cleanse. You can add prunes to different recipes to make this happen.

You can also mix the prune juice with other juices as well for a more appealing flavor and taste, that is if you’re not taking a liking to prune juice by itself.

colon cleanserHow much prune juice do you have to drink to make the colon cleansing effects occur?

There are certain key factors that determine this amount for you personally. First, how backed up is your colon?

Are you currently suffering from constipation? Second, what are your objectives?

If you’re wanting to really detoxify your body and colon to the max, then you can put yourself on a prune juice drinking regimen and set schedule for this daily.

Some people claim that drinking prune juice alone, even on a set regimen, is still only a mild colon cleanse. Therefore, they look up other colon cleansing regimens that may or may not contain prune juice in the plan.

These other regimens often provide you with many other natural ingredients to ingest. Either way, no matter what claim you decide to believe, drinking prune juice is an effective colon cleanse technique. It just depends on what you are looking to do exactly.

If you decide to go with prune juice, the following is a suggested regimen. With your breakfast meal, pour yourself a glass of prune juice, at least eight ounces. Then, for dinner, drink a second eight ounce glass of prune juice.

This is also again a remedy for constipation, and you can start lessening the amount of prune juice you drink each day after a few days.

Colon Explanation

You will notice a better regularity of stool movements and better digestion as you are cleansing your body.

Aside from using this regimen for constipation relief and considering prune juice is all natural, you can continue drinking these two eight ounce glasses for longer than three days for a better cleanse.

Of course you must realize that this stuff really works and it’s going to make you go! Now it’s time for you to make the choice of whether you want to try the prune juice challenge.