The Benefits Of A Cleansed Colon

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colon cleanseColon cleansing has proven to be effective for improving your body’s overall wellness and health. Colon cleansing may also reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The following article will explain at least 18 reasons why you should regularly cleanse your colon and how you can do it. A colon cleanse will make your digestive system more efficient and effective.

During a colon cleanse your body will push undigested waste matter through your system. This will clear up and promote future good nutrition absorption. If your body retains its waste for too long it will become a breeding ground for illness and bacteria. For this reason, a regular colon cleanse will help your colon to detox undigested waste products and pass them easily through your system.

A colon cleanse helps to maintains regularity and prevent unpleasant constipation. People who suffer from constipation will notice that they have a sluggish digestive response. This will be especially true if the constipation is chronic. This sluggish digestive response allows waste to remain in the system longer than recommended.

It will also increase the likelihood that harmful toxins can be released into your bloodstream. It will also cause other irritations and illnesses such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Harmful toxins need to be eliminated from your body’s waste system as soon as possible.

colon cleanseA colon cleanse will also increase your energy. As these harmful toxins are released from your body, your body will become rejuvenated.

The reason for this is because now your body can utilize energy that was once required for forcing waste products out of your intestines.

The majority of people who have taken steps to detoxify their colon state that they have a more restful sleep, a boost of energy, and better blood circulation. A cleansed colon will also help your body to absorb valuable nutrients and vitamins easier. A cleansed colon will allow only vitamins, nutrients, and water to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

This will be contrary to an uncleansed colon which will allow harmful bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream. Essential nutrients and vitamins will be able to filter into your body unobstructed when you have a colon detoxification done. A colon detoxification will also improve your concentration.

People who have a poor diet and do not regularly cleanse their colon find that they are more prone to losing their concentration and focus. The primary reason for this is the obstruction of vitamin absorption. The buildup of toxins and mucous in your colon walls prevent your body from getting what it needs to function properly during the day.

colon cleanseEven people who eat a healthy diet will suffer if they do not do a regular colon cleanse. By cleansing your colon with a detoxification diet a person will notice a huge difference between being alert and not being in a foggy state.

This will produce positive ramifications for relationships, work situations, and overall health issues. A colon cleanse is also an excellent way to get a weight loss program kick started. Foods that do not have high fiber content will move through your digestive track at 25 percent slower than a high fiber food.

Slow-moving foods have a tendency to produce excessive mucus that will stick to the intestinal walls. This will weigh the intestinal tract down with extra pounds of decaying fecal matter. A regular colon cleanse has the added benefit of assisting your weight loss program. Some people have lost up to an additional 20 pounds over the course of a month. The average human colon has a weight of about four pounds when it is empty.

It can hold up to 6-8 meals worth of food before the digestive process begins. Cleansing your colon on a regular basis will result in significant weight loss and help to stimulate your metabolism. It will also help you to eat better food choices because of your ability to refocus your attention on a better way for a feeling of full body wellness.

colon cleanseColon cleansing also decreases any risk of colon cancer. We live in a world that is saturated with toxins. Toxins are in the food that we eat, the beverages that we drink, and even in the air that we breathe and absorb through our skin.

If these toxins are not forced out of your colon they will be processed by your gastrointestinal system and liver. By releasing the stagnant body waste you will be reducing the risk and the causes of cysts, polyps, and cancerous growths that can occur in your gastrointestinal tract and colon.

Another benefit to a colon cleanse is that it will increase fertility. A colon cleanse combined with an increase in fiber intake and healthy food choices will improve your body’s ability to keep itself at a proper weight. Fat is estrogen based and for women that have too much fat it is more difficult to become pregnant.

A heavy colon that is weighed down by years of waste build up will also press on the uterus and other surrounding reproductive organs. This will cause a strain on those reproductive body parts and once again make it more difficult to become pregnant. A regular colon cleanse will rid a woman’s body of the many toxins and chemicals that can affect both the sperm and the egg.

pregnantThere are many naturopaths who recommend a colon cleanse for both partners before attempting pregnancy.

A regular colon cleanse will also maintain balanced pH level in the bloodstream. Any food that causes a colon blockage is acid forming.

This is particularly true of diets that are high in protein without adequate fiber. This can lead to a general malaise in a person’s body. As this continues the tissue of the colon will eventually become inflamed and diseased.

This will prevent the colon’s ability to do a proper job which is to allow only vitamins, minerals, and water to pass into the bloodstream. Your body’s pH level will be thrown out of balance if either mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, parasites, or fecal matter enter into the bloodstream and surrounding connected tissue.

A colon cleanse will improve your whole body, well-being experience. When you eliminate harmful toxins from the colon you will be releasing layers of colon waste and material buildup. This will provide you with feelings of strength, lightness, and overall good health. You will be able to function better on a daily basis in all areas of your life. This will promote a happier lifestyle.

Colon CleanseThere are various important ways to maintain a healthy colon between colon cleanses. The following suggestions are helpful to maintain a healthy colon.

If you religiously follow these detoxification suggestions you will prolong your life.

This will occur because of the reduction of potentially harmful and yet preventable illnesses such as colon cancer.

You will also notice benefits in regards to the discomforts of constipation, bloating, diarrhea, gas, and fatigue. Maintaining your colon is relatively quite simple. You will need to regularly do a colon cleanse plus have a diet that is specific in proper vitamins and nutritious fibers. For example, foods that are rich in fiber are an excellent choice for a healthy colon.

Try to eat on an average about 35 grams of high fiber foods daily. Some of the foods that are high fiber are bananas, raspberries, peas, prunes, beans, broccoli, celery, and whole wheat pasta. These are all excellent choices to include in your diet to maintain a healthy colon.

Some other fiber rich foods include, brown rice, whole grains, and whole-wheat breakfast cereals. A fiber rich diet will keep the food waste moving continually along your digestive track. This will help you to have a colon that remains squeaky clean. A squeaky clean colon will prevent you from getting any serious diseases or illnesses.

vitamins One of the most important vitamins that you can take is vitamin D. The American Journal states that a regular intake of vitamin D is an excellent way to prevent colon cancer and to maintain a healthy colon.

There are a lot of different ways that you can get adequate vitamin D. One of the easiest ways is to expose yourself to the sun for 15 to 20 minutes each day.

For additional vitamin D for people who do not live in sunny climates you can consume food such as fatty fish, bread, milk, and cereal. If you are not able to consume sufficient amounts of these foods you can also take a vitamin D supplement. As an added benefit vitamin D also helps prevent osteoporosis.

One of the most important things that you can do to help your colon is to use the bathroom when you feel a bowel movement coming on. Do not try to hold off if at all possible. Fecal matter that is built-up inside the colon can release harmful toxins into your body. These harmful toxins once again can cause serious disease and illness. A regular bowel movement is one of the best insurances against future colon problems.

Another easy way to maintain your colon is to drink plenty of water. People who do not drink enough water allow toxins to build up in the body. These toxins can cause IBS, gas, bloating, fatigue, and constipation. It is a good rule of thumb to drink at least 6 to 8 full eight ounce glasses of water each day. Drinking enough water is a simple way to maintain a healthy colon.

exerciseDo not forget to do your exercises. People who want to keep their colon healthy need to exercise on a regular basis.

\Exercising helps to increase blood flow and circulation. This will provide more oxygen to your gastrointestinal system and colon.

It is a good way to avoid colon cancer and other colon diseases. Your exercises do not need to be extreme. A simple walk for 15 minutes per day is enough to keep your colon healthy.

The finally piece of advice to help keep your colon healthy is to do a natural colon cleanse. There are many health stores that can provide you with excellent advice on different colon cleansing treatments and products. There is also a lot of excellent information online. A colon flush is one of the more popular procedures that many people are doing.

Colon flushes simply wash out all of the waste material and toxins that have become trapped in your colon. The bottom line is that your gastrointestinal system and colon play a key role in your overall health and well-being. The procedures for doing a colon cleanse and maintaining your colon are quite simple. Therefore, do not procrastinate when it comes to one of the most important areas of your body, your colon.