How To Do A Colon Cleanse With Magnesium Citrate

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colon cleanseOnce you have looked into all of the benefits associated with doing a regular colon cleanse, you might be motivated to find out which product will actually work the best for you.

There are many different ways to go about this including consuming a high-fiber diet, using products that are designed to induce diarrhea to do the cleanse, and also enemas and colonic irrigation to name a few.

There is one particular type of colon cleanse that you might want to consider which uses what is called magnesium citrate. For some people, this is the most effective way in order to cleanse your intestines, allowing you to benefit from keeping this area of your body as clean as possible.

Origins Of Colon Cleansing In History

Going back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, there is evidence that they understood the benefits of keeping your colon clean. There were specific rituals, those that were dedicated to purging the body of impurities, some of which involved the use of a colon cleanse.

Spiritual detoxification was also very important as one of their primary focuses was making sure that your body, and your soul, where are properly prepared for the journey into the afterlife. This predilection toward being concerned with the spiritual realm was in part directly related to why colon cleansing became a very important part of their lives.

colon cleanseFrom that point forward, there is some evidence that it was used by the primitive medical community in order to cleanse the body, in the same way that bloodletting was used to purge the body of impurities in the blood.

In modern times, it has become very acceptable to do so, although it is still considered an alternative form of medicine, despite the fact that modern devices such as colonic irrigation systems, are used by thousands of people.

Overview Of Colon Cleansing

What typically happens with colon cleansing is that a state of diarrhea is induced using pharmaceuticals or natural remedies that can cause this to occur. This can happen over a several day., Or even over several weeks, depending upon how quickly you would like this to happen. Dietary fiber is always recommended, something that made allow you to not have this done more than once a year.

IntestineThe goal is to make sure that putrefied feces which can cling to the internal part of the large intestine are removed, impurities that can lead to bacterial contamination of the blood and body, causing people to get sick.

It can also be done by using what is called an enema, which is what colonic irrigation is all about.

By sending in water through the anise, which could be water only, or a mixture of herbs, or even using coffee, what comes out will include all of the impurities, effectively cleansing the area which can help people avoid serious illnesses.

Risks Involved With Colon Cleansing

headacheThere are several risks that are involved with doing this, some of which include a loss of appetite, fatigue, headaches and irritability, all the result of what is called auto intoxication.

Essentially, by forcing your body to have a bowel movement, it can actually lead to irritable bowel syndrome where it may not be possible for you to have a regular bowel movement until several days have passed and the connection between your intestines and your brain is reestablished appropriately.

Otherwise, it is very safe to do on an intermittent basis, ensuring that this area is free from toxicity. There is one particular technique using magnesium citrate that seems to work very well.

How To Colon Cleanse With Magnesium Citrate

This is an oral solution, one that is actually recommended by doctors that are going to operate on the colon. This is because the bowel area needs to be emptied, and it is very effective because it uses a hyper osmotic sailing laxative that is able to pull the water out of the surrounding tissues, delivering it to the intestines, which will stimulate intestinal movement of the feces.

It’s very easy to get, sold over-the-counter, so you will not need a prescription. It is something that you should do on an intermittent basis, and because it is actually recommended by doctors that are going to do operations in the colon area, it is certainly something that will be safe for you to do.