Discover Exactly What To Eat After A Colon Cleanse

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colon cleanseWhen we eat something, our body breaks it down into individual parts. When we swallow food, it is not much use to use as it is. In fact, some foods we eat just pass straight through us.

One of the main ones is bran, and this is important to have in the diet as it helps to keep the intestines, especially the colon, working properly. Every single thing that we eat consists of sugars, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, as well as water and a few other things.

In order to survive and stay healthy, our body needs all of these. Over time our body will build up toxins that can affect our health and how we feel overall. Some people may end up feeling lethargic, while others may find it difficult to sleep. Headaches can be a cause while problems with the digestive system can be very common.

Our modern day lifestyles do not help, and although we tend to live longer, this gives us more time to put more bad things into us. We may live a long life, but most people tend not to have good health throughout it, and part of the cause is not giving our body time to clean itself out. 

One thing that people do today is to clean out their large intestine, notably the colon area, which it the end part. This can store up waste and toxins over time, and a colon cleanse will get rid of all of it.

colon cleanseOnce it is done, the person often feels much healthier, but if they are not consuming the right foods on a regular basis, then they are likely to end up back where they started from, and need another cleanse.

So what to eat after a colon cleanse? With our lives running so fast these days, we seem to have less time for the most basic of things, and that includes eating. Sales of ready made meals and fast food has soared in recent years, and this has led to many health problems.

The most noticeable one is obesity, and this is now spreading around the world as modern culture expands. This is one trend that the human race should not be proud of. Still, it took decades to get people to realize that smoking was not good for them, and now it is the turn of food.

Long gone are the days when we would have to scrape some money together to buy a little bit of food, these days we can fill up a shopping trolley, and it is unlikely to cost that much money. We now have access to all kinds of food, both fresh and processed. The fresh food may have travelled thousands of miles, and although not good for the environment, it is great news for our diet.

colon cleanseThe more variety that we can eat, the more varied the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we consume.

After a colon cleanse, especially the first one, it is best to start watching exactly what it is that you are eating. This can mean a number of lifestyle changes as well.

Smoking is a definite problem, as this fills your body with toxins. Even if you do not smoke, you need to avoid passive smoking. Living in an environment that includes industrial and vehicle fumes is also not good for us, so city living does have its downside.

These can be balanced out though by eating a good diet that is well balanced, and exercising more than what we usually do. A simple diet would involve dropping all red meat, as this itself contains toxins which are not good for us. Fish and poultry are fine though, and contain such things as Omega-3, which is great for the brain and joint mobility.

Fresh organic veg and fruit is also an excellent choice. Legumes and nuts have also been shown to offer many benefits. All of these foods work together to help the body detox. After a few days of this kind of diet, you will start to feel much better. Remember, exercise, a fresh organic diet, and maybe a colon cleanse, will all go towards you having a healthier future.