13 Oldest Myths On Modern Colon Cleansing Debunked

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Digestive SystemThere are many experts that have claimed that keeping your digestive tract and colon clean is the key to maintaining the highest levels of good health.

They would seem to make a lot of sense because keeping your body operating at optimal levels would be beneficial, especially if your liver, kidneys, and your colon is clean.

There is quite a bit of evidence that maintaining the proper health of your liver is good for your health, as well as making sure that your kidneys are as functional as possible, are key factors in living a long and healthy life.

However, there are many people that believe that the regular cleansing of your colon may not actually be beneficial, but could actually be detrimental to your health. In this article, we will address the 13 oldest myths on modern colon cleansing debunked by simple science and common sense.

What Exactly Is Colon Cleansing All About?

This is a procedure that requires an individual to clean their colon on a regular basis. The idea behind the need for the cleanse is that toxins can build up very rapidly, and stay within the small and large intestines, constantly feeding some type of bacteria into your bloodstream. This bad bacteria can then in turn cause people to get sick.

colon cleanse It would seem to be common sense that by eliminating the buildup of excess feces on the interior walls of the colon, as well as removing the bacteria that could be living in this mucus buildup, could be very beneficial toward making sure that you are as healthy as possible. Let’s now look at whether or not this is true.
Myth #1- The first most common myth about the benefits of a colon cleanse has to do with its ability to eliminate toxins, literally pulling them right out of your blood. According to medical professionals, the human body has two major organs that are able to eliminate or neutralize toxins.

One is called the liver and the other are your two kidneys. When these are functioning properly, there is no need to worry about toxins because they will be removing any toxicity in your blood automatically. The waste products that are filtered out will be eliminated through your urine, and through defecating, and therefore cleansing your colon is not necessary if trying to improve blood toxicity levels.

colon cleanseMyth #2- The second myth that many people believe is that when you do a colon cleanse is that you are actually eliminating toxic waste buildup that is attached to the inner lining of the colon itself.

There is the belief that this can cause health problems which may include depression, arthritis, fatigue and bloating, as well as many other health issues that can be added to the list.

According to the experts, there is no physiological data to back up this claim simply because the interior lining of the colon is replaced every 72 hours. It simply sheds, and is eliminated from the body through defecation, and therefore there is no way for bacterial buildup to lodge itself inside of the colon and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Myth #3- The third myth is that if you do a colon cleanse regularly, you will remove a significant amount of toxic waste that can be compromising your immune system. However, it has been shown that the reduction of stress, and also eating a healthy diet, are the only proven methods for boosting the immune system.

Although it is true that many of these colon cleansing products contain many different things that are beneficial including probiotics, herbal extracts, and an abundance of vitamins and minerals, it will not actually help boost your immune system by removing excess waste that may be on the inside of your colon, and therefore disclaim has no merit.

colon cleanse productMyth #4- The fourth myth focuses upon the removal of impurities from the body by flushing out the colon. This can be done by either purchasing a product that will induce a state of diarrhea, add more fiber to your dietary intake, or you can use an enema on your own.

However, most of the nutrients that are digested are absorbed by the body, specifically by the small intestines, and only waste products at a little bit of water is left once they arrive in the large intestines.

Since most of the absorption occurs in the small intestines, cleansing the large intestines through procedures like a colonic irrigation would prove futile in terms of providing more nutrients for the body and removing impurities.

Myth #5- The fifth myth is that you will lose weight if you do a colon cleanse on a regular basis. What will happen is that if you do have excess feces in the large intestines, if this is abruptly removed, you may very well shed a couple of pounds.

However, this does not mean that you are actually improving your body’s ability to maintain a lower weight and you could end up with dehydration and also a loss of electrolytes. In the absence of the sodium and potassium that you need to keep your body balanced, you might actually stress your body, causing you to add more adipose cells, causing the exact opposite effect.

weight lossMyth #6- The sixth myth is that it will improve your skin if you are able to do a cleanse regularly.

The reason is that you are eliminating excess waste from your body which would otherwise be sent out through the pores of your skin.

By removing these toxins, you are actually improving your chances of maintaining a clear complexion, however this is not quite correct. There is no evidence clinically or scientifically that shows that cleansing in this manner can actually directly affect the skin on your face and give you a glowing complexion.

Myth #7- The seventh myth is that you will have more energy when you have a regular colon cleanse because once the toxins that are in your body are remove, and the process of digestion and the elimination of waste is improved upon by taking out this unwanted fecal matter that is stuck to the inside of your small and large intestines, your body will be able to process more of the nutrients and therefore you will have more energy.

Again, there is no specific data to show that this is actually occurring and most scientists consider this to be more of a placebo effect than an actual way of improving your energy levels.

colon cleanseMyth #8- The eighth myth is that doing a colon cleanse does not actually cause any adverse side effects. Unfortunately, this is not true.

If you are constantly eliminating this fecal matter in this way, you are actually going to have an electrolyte deficiency. This can cause leg cramping, abnormal heart rhythms, and can also lead to liver toxicity.

Myth #9- The ninth myth is that you will be able to have better cognition as a result of having less toxicity in the body. As with the other claims, there is no evidence to support the fact that anyone who has a colon cleanse on a regular basis is going to improve their ability to think.

Myth #10- The tenth myth is that you will be able to sleep better when you have a colon that is cleansed regularly. Although it is possible that by removing excess toxins from the colon you will have less stress in your body due to bacteria that might be absorbed, the minimal amount of fecal material that is removed could not possibly contribute to insomnia that so many people suffer from, and therefore this potential benefit is not valid.

Colon CleansingMyth #11- The 11th myth is that people that do a colon cleanse on a regular basis can actually train their body to be more efficient in the processing of not only toxins out of the body, but also the absorption of nutrients.

In reality, the body is able to manage its own absorption of nutrients, and the removal of toxins and fecal material from the large intestines through an enema or colonic irrigation will do nothing more than upset the balance of having bowel movements, leading to the development of irritable bowel syndrome at the very least.

Myth #12- The 12th myth is that those that cleanse their colon on a monthly basis will become more attuned to what their body needs. The idea is that when you are not able to absorb nutrients effectively, you might be eating foods, and drinking beverages, that are simply not needed.

However, the needs of your body are not determined by how well your small intestines and large intestines are operating. More specifically, a colon cleanse is not going to make a significant change in the way that your brain is able to process the needs of your body and the nutrients that it craves.

colon cleanseMyth #13- The 13th myth that a colon cleanse is absolutely necessary is that doing this can instill a sense of well-being.

This is probably the most outlandish claim that is made by those that are religious about doing a colon cleanse regularly, believing that the toxicity that is purportedly removed from their body allows them to be in more harmony.

This could be related to their circadian rhythm, or homeostasis of things such as pH levels. However, the body is able to maintain these levels if it is healthy, and doing a regular colon cleanse, according to experts in this field, has no impact on the way you feel, or the internal balance of your hormones or anything else that is functioning in your body.

Now that you know a little bit more about some of the more popular myths related to getting a colon cleanse, it must be stated that having one done every now and then is not a bad thing. There is always the possibility that the removal of excess buildup of fecal material on the inside of your colon could actually improve your health as many studies have shown.

Colon Cleanse Therefore, despite the fact that there are many people that believe that these types of cleansing procedures can affect a multitude of different areas of your body in very positive ways.

It is simply something that you should do occasionally to improve the condition of your digestive tract, helping you to be more healthy.

Although you should consider how outlandish some of these very popular myths are, in relationship to why you are having a colon cleanse done, it does not take away from the fact that many scientists and doctors leave they are beneficial. All you need to know is if it makes you feel better, and if it does, it is definitely something you should do on an occasional basis.